Family Roots Tracer - Let's Trace Your Roots And Share Your Story

Let’s Trace Your Roots And Share Your Story

Genealogy Research Services

We trace your roots and share your story! The methods we use to share your story with your family or with a wider audience are selected from the list under Presenting Your Family History

We specialize in the following:

  • Heirship Searches
  • Metis Applications
  • Eastern European Roots
  • French Roots in North America (including most back to France)

Sharing Your Story

Every contract will include pedigree and other reports to show research results, sources and what may benefit from further research.

For a more detailed project, we can write and/or edit your story and produce pedigree and other charts. We also work with a blueprinting company to make wallcharts from charts we produce from genealogy software. These are perfect for family reunions or gifts to family members. We can scan, crop, enhance and prepare photos for you to share. These are some of the services we provide for you to share your story:

  • Book
  • Biography
  • Autobiography
  • Scrapbook
  • Ancestor Cards and Games (to excite your family members in their history’ suitable for reunions)
  • Other – you name it and, if we can do it, we will help you in other ways – e.g. a slide show

About Xenia

Xenia Stanford, genealogist, award winning writer and editor

Xenia Stanford is an award-winning writer, award-winning editor, popular genealogical speaker and highly regarded researcher.

Her motto Let’s Trace Your Roots and Share Your Story shows her belief that if you do all the research and never share it, it has been a wasted effort. She guides you to present your family history in ways to share and preserve it for your family now and for future generations. Some may wish to share it for a wider audience than their family and Xenia also guides them to that goal.

Your story
To Preserve and Protect!

Available Genealogy Packages


No minimum time commitment.


$300  Save 40%


$500 Save 50%

Metis Status

Starting from $300

Expertise & Experience

  • Europe and Eastern Europe
  • French Roots in North America – in most cases back to France
  • North American Aboriginal Ancestry – e.g. for Metis Cards
  • Canada, including B.C. & prairie provinces
  • British Isles

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